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IRS Discount Rates

See all discount rates on the Planned Giving Design Center. Become a member of the largest website on the subject of charitable gift planning for free.

NEW Version 14.0 of PhilanthroTec's Windows Software

Version 14.0 for Windows Deluxe for 2014 is now available. Simply call our office at either (704) 340-6656 or contact us via our contact form to update your software or receive a 30 day demo. You may also purchase the software through our Online Store.

PhilanthroCalc for the Web

Web based planned giving calculations for your website. Review the features and benefits of PhilanthroCalc for the Web. Easily create your calculator at NO risk right now. Here is all you need to do. Click here to go to your setup screen to create your custom web calculations, change graphics and fonts, customize for gift acceptance policies and more. You can be up and running in minutes. We will receive notice that you have created your new site. We'll invoice you through your email for the $295 annual fee. There is no setup fee. It is that simple.

Our Guarantee - If you are not 100% satisfied with our calculator simply email us within 30 (thirty days) of your invoice date and we will cancel your invoice with no questions asked. Try before you buy, set up your site, use it with NO risk. 

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PhilanthroTec Creates New Planned Giving Calculation Technology

PhilanthroTec has developed new planned giving calculation technology for The About Giving donor and advisor website product and the Planned Giving Design Center (See PGDC Calculation Center here).  The new inline calculation capability of PhilanthroTec creates a superior user experience. Read why this extraordinary technology was developed in "Calculation Made Simple, Not Just Simple Calculations." 

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